Ecuador Drug Gang Leader Vanishes From Prison Without a Trace

A dangerous drug leader has vanished from a high-security prison in Ecuador without a trace.

Authorities are investigating the strange incident, but they are not yet sure how the suspect managed to slip out of the prison.

The gang leader named Adolfo Macías, leader of the Los Choneros gang was reported missing from his cell on Sunday, but the police have not yet offered any explanation for it.

Adolfo Macías

Suspect Was About To Be Transferred

According to the police officials, the suspect escaped a day before he was about to be transferred to a maximum security prison.

Macías was convicted of drug trafficking, murder, and organized crime. He was serving a 34-year sentence in La Regional prison.

Police is investigating the incident

Macías Presidential Candidate

The violence perpetrated by the Los Choneros gang reached a new level when it assassinated the presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio last year.

Macías fled from a maximum security facility in February 2013, but he was recaptured a few weeks later.

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