China Accuses UK of Sending A Spy To Gather State Secrets

China has accused the British intelligence services of espionage.

The Chinese government said the British intelligence service MI6 hired a consultancy firm to spy and gather important information to inform the agents in the United Kingdom.

The accused named Huang Moumou was the head of a consultancy firm and used his position as cover, the Chinese intelligence said.

Intelligence experts are certain that China has stepped up its espionage activities

MI6 Established Cooperative Relationship

According to a report by the Financial Times, China’s Ministry of State Security said on a local media app that they have uncovered that the head of a foreign consultancy was a British spy.

It said the MI6 established a cooperative relationship with the accused and persuaded him to transfer “17 pieces of intelligence, including confidential state secrets”.

UK arrested a parliamentary researcher accused of spying for China in September

The Chinese ministry didn’t disclose any further information about the employment status or gender of the accused.

The revelation is not something new as both the West and China have accused each other of spying.

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