50% Drop in Honey Production Per Colony, Scientists Now Know Why

Scientists have been increasingly worried about the decline in the production of honey but now they have found some reasons.

A research study has found that several unsustainable human practices have hampered the production of honey in the United States.

Scientists said climate-induced changes were changing the landscape for honey production across the country.

Reasons For Low Honey Production

Several reasons the scientists pointed out include overuse of “herbicides, the conversion of previously flower-rich land into monocultural farmland and a decline in soil productivity”.

Researchers said the major factor affecting the production of honey since the 1990s has been the changing climate, with rising temperatures, altered rainfall patterns and extreme weather events.

“It’s not just getting warmer and wetter, there are also these extreme events that mean you don’t know what weather you’ll be getting”, co-author of the study Christina Grozinger said.

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