Trump Received Millions From Foreign Governments As President

The former president Donald Trump has been accused of receiving millions of dollars from foreign governments including China during his presidency.

A congressional report claimed that Mr. Trump violated the US constitution by working with foreign governments without the approval of Congress. 

$7.8 Million

The report mentioned that Trump’s family conglomerate received at least “$7.8m in payments in total from 20 countries” during his term at the White House.

The democratic congressmen suspect that the amount could be more than what was mentioned in the reports.

“The payments probably represented just a fraction of foreign payments to the Republican president and his family”, the guardian reported. 

Mr. Trump received $5.5 million from Chinese government and Chinese state-owned enterprises, reports said.

Breach of US Constitution

The US constitution is clear about receiving funds from foreign governments, something that could lead to serious consequences.

The specific clauses collectively known as the Emoluments Clauses bars the acceptance of gifts from foreign actors without the consent of congress. 

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