Swearing is Becoming Normal in UK, Linguistic Experts Says

Swearing has become part of vocabulary for the people in the UK in the past two decades, linguistic experts have suggested.

The primary reason for the transition is the context of swearwords.

People have started using the words to emphasize or prove their points, rather than disrespecting others.

Swearing is becoming more and more acceptable

Swearing is Used For Other Purposes

Swearing has become normalized not because people are more willing to insult others, but rather to emphasize and prove their points.

This is what Dr Robbie Love, a lecturer in English Language at Aston University said when he referred to BBC presenter Mishal Husain, who swore seven times during her interview with British home secretary, James Cleverly.

Dr Love said swearing is context dependent and that is the reason fewer people find it offensive when encountered with such language.

“If you break it down and think, if I say, ‘who the f*#k did that?’, as opposed to ‘who did that?’, what does ‘f*#k’ actually mean? It’s just emphasizing the general sentiment,” Love said to prove his point (quoted by the guardian).

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