Mexican Cartels Offer Wifi With Death Threats If Left Unused

Mexican drug gangs have offered wifi to the locals with death threats to people if they didn’t use it.

According to a news report by The Guardian, drug cartels have set up wifi in central Mexico state of Michoacán and have forced people to buy the services or they would be killed if they don’t do so.

Cartels Demanding $30 A Month

The report suggests that drug cartels are demanding $25 to $30 per month, which is more than what people can afford in Mexico.

The prosecutors said the criminal group known as Los Viagras will make $150,000 from the 400 people living in the town.

Narco Antennas

Dubbed “narco-antennas” by local media, the cartel’s system involved internet antennas set up in various towns built with stolen equipment.

The police seized the equipment late last week and shared photos of the antennas with a label of a famous Mexican businessman who heads the Mexican internet company Telmex.

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