17-Year-Old Kills Sixth Grader in School Shooting

A 17-year-old boy opened fire at a school in Perry town, Iowa, killing one sixth grader and injuring five others.

The suspect, a student at the same school, opened fire on the first day of opening after the winter break.

The police investigators believe the suspect shot himself after committing the brutal shootout.

Suspect Identified

The suspect was identified by the authorities as Dylan Butler, a 17-year-old student with motive yet unknown.

The investigators are trying to uncover more about the suspect as they dig deeper into his past.

Family relatives of the suspect said Butler was a quiet boy who had been bullied for years, according to the Associated Press.

The investigators found a pump shotgun and a handgun pistol near his dead body.

Mitch Mortvedt, the state investigation division’s assistant director said they are investigating the suspect’s social media posts to uncover a possible motive.

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