2024 Expected To be The Year to Breach Crucial Climate Threshold

The year 2023 was not very pleasant either in terms of climate, but 2024 is expected to breach a crucial climate threshold.

The previous year saw a quarter of this time breaching the 1.5C mark, with worries that it is expected to double in 2024.

Scientists have raised the alarm by suggesting that the new year has a strong possibility of breaching the global temperature threshold.

2024 To Be A Record Breaker

Scientists said the year 2024 will be a record in terms of global rise of temperatures and a record breaker.

According to the United Kingdom Meteorological Organization, we will end the year with average global temperatures somewhere between 1.34C and 1.58C above pre-industrial levels.

Will the Paris Agreement Hold?

Being a crucial climate threshold, going above which will be disastrous, surpassing 1.5C will not break the Paris Agreement.

The 2015 climate agreement did not define how we would recognize that the 1.5C target had been surpassed.

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