At Least 10 Patients Dead From Nurse Injecting Tap Water

At least ten patients have died after a nurse unintentionally injected tap water at Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center in Medford.

The news reports said the nurse injected tap water instead of Fentanyl, which is used for pain management for cancer patients.

The Medford police declined to comment and said they are investigating the incident.

Tap Water Led To Infection.

As per the initial investigation, the tap water led to multiple infections of pseudomonas bacteria.

Doctor Robin Miller said such infections can be very dangerous for people who already have medical conditions and poor health.

“It could infect all the organs, so it could be a very severe infection,” Dr Miller told local media.

The authorities have not yet charged anyone with a crime as the investigation is still ongoing.

Dr Miller said she doesn’t understand why the tap water was used in the first place as this can easily put patients at risk of dying.

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