China Appoints New Defense Minister After 2 Months Silence

The Chinese government has appointed a new Defense Minister two months after the previous minister was sacked.

The former Defense Minister Li Shangfu disappeared from the scene over corruption allegations.

The appointment of the former navy commander Dong Jun was announced by China’s top legislators. 

Appointment At Crucial Time

Mr Dong’s appointment happened at a crucial time for the Chinese government and the US.

A week earlier, the first high-level talks took place between China and the US by phone in more than a year.

The US is concerned about China’s military posture in the region, especially towards Taiwan, which it considers a breakaway region.

Wave of Sackings

The Chinese Communist Party has sacked multiple high-ranking officials in the recent past.

Two months ago, China’s then-foreign minister disappeared from the scene without a clue.

Experts believe Chinese President Xi Jinping is increasing its grip on power by sacking high-ranking officials. 

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