China Using AI To Spread Propaganda Across YouTube

The Chinese Communist Party has been accused of spreading pro-China propaganda across the video streaming platform YouTube.

An investigation from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute has revealed a gigantic network of YouTube channels that promotes pro-China and anti-US propaganda videos.

Shadow Play

The in-depth report has claimed that the Chinese government is putting well-coordinated effort into producing AI-generated videos on YouTube.

The “Shadow Play” operation consists of around 30 YouTube channels, each with more than 500,000 subscribers.

The investigation has revealed that the channels have gathered more than 120 million views so far.

YouTube Taken 19 Down

The Australian Strategic Policy Institute said they reported the findings to YouTube, and the company took down 19 out of the total 30 YouTube channels.

“We continue to take down these unsuccessful attempts by Spamouflage, a persistent influence operation, to target audiences in various countries,” Meta said in its Adversarial Threat Report.

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