Biden Signs Into Law Record $886 Billion Annual Defense Bill

US President Joe Biden has signed a record defense policy bill of $886 billion.

The bill includes measures to support Ukraine and counter the emerging power of China.

The President signed the National Defense Authorization Act at a time when the U.S. is directly or indirectly waging two direct wars.

The Act is 3,100 Pages Long

The defense policy bill was approved by both houses with a clear majority, signaling a common ground on some key issues.

The U.S. The Senate, which the Democrats control, approved the bill with a strong majority of 87 to 13 majority, while the lower house with 310 to 118 majority.

3% Increase in Budget

According to media reports, the budget has been increased from $876 billion to $886 billion, around a 3% increase as compared to 2022.

The bill also discussed U.S. commitment to Ukraine, approving buying of weapons from the defense industry until 2026 to boost its defenses against the Russian invasion.

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