NASA Streams Cat’s Video From Space Back To Earth

NASA has streamed high-quality footage of a cat back to Earth from deep space.

The agency sent the cat video via a laser that will be used for human communication in the near future.

The 15-second video shows a cat named Taters trying to catch a laser beam.

First Ultra-HD Video From Space

NASA uploaded the video of Taters, a tabby cat, to his Twitter account.

The agency said the video was streamed from a NASA spaceship located 31 million kilometers away.

The footage was downloaded after the Hale telescope in California received it.

The experiment proves the possibility of human communication when the time is right.

Faster Than Broadband Internet

Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory electronics lead, Ryan Rogalin, said the connection is better than broadband internet connections.

“Despite transmitting from millions of miles away, it was able to send the video faster than most broadband internet connections,” he said, as quoted by the BBC.

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