Colorado Releases First 5 Wolves in Reintroduction Plan

The wildlife authorities of Colorado have released five grey wolves in the Rocky Mountains.

The wolves were released as per the 2020 Reintroduction plan of Colorado Parks and Wildlife, releasing the gray wolves into the wilderness.

Spectacular Video Footage

The wildlife authorities in Colorado released five gray wolves and aim to release seven more by 2024.

The spectacular video footage released by the Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) shows one female and four male species being released from iron crates.

The move was staunchly opposed by conservatives living in rural communities.

Why Conservatives Are Opposing The Move?

The plan, finalized in 2020, remains a bone of contention for the local people.

While the conservationists hailed the move as friendly to the ecosystem, the conservatives are worried about their livestock.

Some people in rural communities filed two lawsuits before the release of the five wolves.

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