Men Accused of Killing 3,600 Birds Including Golden Eagles

Two men were charged for illegally killing 3,600 birds, including precious golden eagles.

The two men, who are scheduled to appear in court in January, killed and sold different body parts of those birds on the black market.

The BBC report suggested the suspects killed their bird victims with gunshots.

Suspects Killed Birds For Years

The indictment said the suspects, Simon Paul and Travis John Branson, were on a killing spree, shooting thousands of birds for years.

One of the suspects, Mr. Branson, sent messages to his colleagues bragging about his actions.

Both the suspects were charged with “conspiracy, violating the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act, and illegal trafficking”, the BBC reported.

A convict may face up to five years in prison sentence for conspiracy and trafficking charges.

The suspects were also charged with violating the Eagle Protection Act, which is punishable with a one-year prison time plus fines.

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