Survey Reveals 60% of Japan Gen Z Wants To Live Single

Some 60% of the Japanese generation Z youth is not interested in marriage, according to a survey.

The online survey revealed astonishing figures for a country already grappling with a shrinking youth population and loneliness.

The survey was conducted by Biglobe Inc, a tech firm, and focused on the following age groups ranging from 18 – 24, 25 – 29, 30s, 40s – 50s and 60s.

Survey Details

The survey asked multiple questions from the respondents primarily focusing on marriage and surnames.

The survey received responses from 1,000 people in Japan, targeting the age group between 18 to 69.

To the question, “Do you want to get married (or are you married)?” more than 60% of the respondents between 25 to 29 said they “would not mind” never trying the knot.

Japan has been facing an acute shortage of youth, with 1.5 million people suffering from social withdrawal.

In 2022, the number of people who died (1.56 million) was roughly twice as high as the number of births.

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