French President Grilled Over Taking Part in Jewish Ceremony

The French President Emmanuel Macron was severely criticized for taking part in a Jewish ceremony at his residence.

France, where secularism is itself a religion, puts strict restrictions on heads of the state from participating in religious ceremonies.

Violation of Secularism

The critics said the president violated the fundamental principles of secularism, which suggests strict separation between the state and religion.

A video recently emerged on social media where French President Macron was seen lighting the Hanukkah candle inside the Salle des Fêtes.

Political opponents immediately denounced the video as an “unforgivable political fault”.

French Law Prohibits Religion’s Role

The French laws on secularism prohibit the interference of religion in the affairs of the state.

The French President justified that he had no regrets as he didn’t participate in the ceremony.

“If the president had actually carried out a religious act, or taken part in a ceremony, that would indeed have been a breach of secularism”, he said.

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