Garden Ornament Turns Out To Be A Live 18th Century Bomb

A couple was shocked to hear that an ornament in the garden was a live bomb that could explode at any time.

The incident took place in Pembrokeshire, UK, where a couple had a 100-year-old bomb in their garden for decorative purposes.

The couple couldn’t believe it when they were told the bomb could explode any time.

Couple Thought It Was A Dummy Bomb

Mr Sian and Mrs Jeffrey Edwards, a couple who had the bomb, said they thought the bomb was not real.

“The couple had thought it was a “dummy” bomb with no charge”, the BBC reported.

The bomb disposal van

Bomb Detonated

The Defense Ministry at once dispatched a bomb disposal squad to swiftly remove the 64lb (29kg) bomb from the garden.

The detonation was like losing an old friend, 77-year-old Mr Edwards said, who spent 74 years in the street.

“It was an old friend. I’m so sorry that the poor old thing was blown to pieces.” he said.

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