Meta Shuts 4,600 China-Linked Accounts Influencing US Voters

Meta has announced that it has taken down thousands of accounts linked to China.

The tech giant said all the accounts were fake and were directed at influencing the US population.

The company didn’t accuse the Chinese government but said the activity had sharply increased before the US elections.

Targeting US Voters

Meta said the fake accounts were trying to influence the US population ahead of the 2024 presidential elections in the US.

Meta’s threat report released just recently mentioned that the fake profiles were using images and names from other accounts.

The company said the accounts were commenting and sharing stuff from the same network and showed no ideological consistency.

China Now In Top 3

China is now the third largest source of such networks that operate for a specific purpose.

The top two countries include Russia and Iran, both averse to the US.

Fortunately, Meta said it took down the network before it could reach a larger US audience, which could have tangible consequences.

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