Spider Lays Eggs in Man’s Toe, Spiderling Hatches Inside

Warning: The article has an image some readers might find upsetting

A baby spider hatched after a wolf spider laid eggs inside a man’s toe in the UK.

Colin Blake and his wife were joyfully celebrating their wedding anniversary when a Peruvian wolf spider bit him and laid eggs in his toe.

Doctors Squeezed Eggs out

The incident took place when Mr. Blake was celebrating his 35th wedding anniversary on a cruise to France with his wife.

Initially, Blake was unaware of the bite due to the spider’s numbing effect on its toe. While on board, he sought medical help, and doctors were shocked to find eggs.

Doctors discovered spider eggs, releasing a milk-like substance, and removed them after a procedure.

Wolf spider’s venom poses no lethal threat to humans

One Egg Hatched

A month later, a lingering “foreign body” signalled that one egg had hatched inside Mr Blake’s toe.

Antibiotics saved the day, but a second toe surgery was necessary to remove the spider’s remains.

Wolf spider’s venom poses no lethal threat to humans, according to pest control experts at Orkin.

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