Saudi Arabia Plans To Hook Countries on Oil, Report Reveals

An investigative report by The Guardian has revealed Saudi Arabia’s grand plan to hook developing countries on oil.

A report wrote that Saudi Arabia is driving huge investments to create artificial demand for its fossil fuel in developing countries.

The Kingdom is creating demand by using its Oil Demand Sustainability Programme, specifically in Africa, investigation reveals.

Involvement of Major Saudi Entities

An in-depth investigation has revealed strategies outlined in the Saudi’s Oil Demand Sustainability Program (ODSP) aimed at encouraging fossil fuel-based vehicles in Africa.

Key players such as the $700 billion Public Investment Fund, along with major entities like Aramco and Sabic, play crucial roles in driving the initiatives of ODSP.

The ODSP is overseen by Saudi Arabia’s de facto ruler, the crown prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Saudi Crown Prince Personally Involved

The report said the Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad Bin Salman is personally watching over the progress of the initiatives.

Saudi Arabia is allowing its economy to shift towards more sustainable means of energy to become a future competing economy, but the report contradicts its claims.

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