North Korea Spy Satellite Photographed White House, Pentagon

North Korea said its newly launched spy satellite has photographed the US White House and Pentagon.

The state-owned media said the de-facto ruler Kim Jong Un saw the images of the Pentagon and White House and praised the achievement.

The news could potentially worsen the already tense situation in the region.

Images Captured By Latest Satellite

The images were captured by a recently launched spy satellite.

The images have not been released to the public, but experts are speculating about the authenticity.

The North Korean state media said the images showed “major target regions” in the US including the Andersen Air Force Base and a U.S. shipyard and airbase in Norfolk and Newport.

Are The Images Useful?

Experts are still speculating about the usefulness of the images.

Dave Schmerler, a US-based satellite imagery expert, said the usefulness of these images will depend on their usage.

“It’s a big leap for them going from zero to something, but until we can see the images they’re collecting, we’re speculating on its use cases,” he said, as quoted by Reuters.

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