China To Allow Visa-Free Pass For Five EU Countries & Malaysia

China has announced free visa entry for five European Union countries and Malaysia.

The Chinese government announced on Friday that free visa entry will increase business and tourism.

The announcement said people from France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, and Malaysia could enter China for 15 days without any visa.

China Announces Visa-Free Entry

The Chinese government said the decision of visa-free entry will help facilitate the exchange of ideas.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry said the objective is “to facilitate the high-quality development of Chinese and foreign personnel exchanges and high-level opening up to the outside world”

China Opening Up

Earlier in June, the Chinese government announced visa-free entry for Japan, Brunei and Singapore citizens, but the decision was withdrawn.

China implemented a zero-covid policy that remained for years, damaging its economy.

The Chinese government’s decision to allow visa-free entry was announced within that context.

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