NASA Says Mercury Could Have Glaciers That Sustain Life

Scientists studying Mercury have uncovered evidence pointing to the existence of glaciers in the planet’s polar regions.

The glaciers, believed to be made of salt rather than water, might be located several miles underneath Mercury’s polar regions, challenging previous notions about the possibility of life on Mercury.

Scientists found credible evidence of salt glaciers on Mercury’s surface

Credible Evidence To Support Life

In a paper published in the Planetary Science Journal, lead author Alexis Rodriguez stated that this discovery extends our understanding of environmental conditions that could support life.

Scientists found credible evidence of salt glaciers on Mercury’s surface, where biological life can survive.

Mr. Rodriguez said there might be surfaces on the planet that are more habitable than the harsh surface.

More Mysteries To Uncover

According to Futurism, scientists can uncover more mysteries as they go deeper into the planet.

With the discovery of specific compounds, scientists are more excited to see what the planet hides behind its harsh surface.

A joint European and Japanese probe called BepiColombo is expected to make its way towards Mercury by 2025.

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