World’s Biggest Iceberg Starts Moving After 30 Years

World’s biggest iceberg in Antarctica has started moving after it parted ways with the Antarctic coastline.

The iceberg, which is twice the size of Greater London, is expected to spill beyond the waters of Antarctica, the BBC science correspondent Jonathan Amos said.

The A23a

The iceberg named A23a was once part of other icebergs of the White Continent’s Filchner Ice Shelf, but it split in 1986.

The report said scientists are carefully examining the movement of A23a, as its destination can affect the population of animals nearby.

Scientists noticed the initial movement in 2020, but the movement is obvious at the moment.

Why A23a Started Moving?

Dr Andrew Fleming, a remote sensing expert at the British Antarctic Survey, said there could be multiple reasons for A23a’s movement.

“I asked a couple of colleagues about this, wondering if there was any possible change in shelf water temperatures that might have provoked it, but the consensus is the time had just come,” he said, as quoted by the BBC.

The separation of the iceberg has nothing to do with climate change.

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