Turkey Searches For 11 Lost Sailors in The Black Sea

The Turkish government has dispatched a rescue operation to search for missing sailors in the Black Sea.

The rescue operation is set to look for 11 crew members who are identified as missing at the movement.

Al Jazeera report said at least one of the crew members was already dead before the rescue mission.

One of the crew members was already dead before the rescue mission

The Cargo Ship Hit Seawall

According to the initial investigation, the Kafkametler cargo ship sank after it hit a seawall.

The rescuers scanned the area via a helicopter and managed to bring back the dead body.

Turkey’s Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya said the rescue operation will continue till they locate the missing sailors.

Cameroon-flagged vessel split into two due to severe weather conditions in Turkey recently

Ship Was Coming To Turkey

The cargo ship was shipping ferrosilicon from the Russian port of Temryuk to Aliaga, Turkey.

The ministry has not provided further details about the incident which is a running story.

At least three people have been killed in the region due to severe weather, reports said.

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