Biden Set To Celebrate 81st Birthday Amid health & Age Concerns

The US President Joe Biden will celebrate his 81st birthday tomorrow (Monday).

The President has recently come under immense pressure as the Americans are worried about his deteriorating health.

Amid all the criticism, Mr. Biden is running for the presidency in the upcoming 2024 elections.

Voters’ perceptions have been fueled by high-profile moments like these

White House Says Biden is Healthy

Meanwhile, the White House has repeatedly asserted that the President was fine and well to lead the country once again.

President Biden is turning 81 at a time when the democrats are worried about his ability to serve another term.

Polls Show Voters Are Worried

Multiple polls and surveys have revealed voter’s concerns about Biden’s inability to lead due to his age.

Bloomberg polls showed that 84% of all voters considered Biden’s age as a problem, with 56% conjuring it a “big problem”.

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