IBM Suspends Ads on X After They Appeared Near Nazi Posts

IBM has suspended ads on X, formerly Twitter after their ads appeared near pro-Nazi posts.

Amid increasing anti-Semitism in the US and Europe, X has been under constant pressure to regulate information on the platform.

X said it doesn’t intentionally post ads in such places where Nazis are cherished.

Ads Appear Near Nazi Posts

Media watchdog group, Media Matters for America, said IBM and ads of other companies appear besides nazi propaganda posts on X.

According to the BBC, one such post had more than 8,000 views on X, where the user praised Hitler and Nazis.

IBM said they have a zero-tolerance policy towards discrimination and suspended ads on the platform at once.

Musk Called Out For Anti-Semitic Theory

CNN reported that Musk was found cherishing an anti-Semitic theory that blames Jews for spreading hatred against whites.

The theory is popular among white supremacists who accuse the religious group of hate speech against the white population.

The theory proposes that the Jewish minority is flooding Western societies to reduce the white majority.

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