Researchers Develop Floating Factories To Make Green Fuel

Scientists from the University of Cambridge are working on a project that could pave the way for automated floating factories producing green petrol or diesel.

The innovative system hinges on a floating artificial leaf, a brainchild of Cambridge researchers, capable of converting sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide into synthetic fuel.

How Floating Factories Work?

Inspired by photosynthesis in plants, thin-film metal oxides and perovskite materials resulted in a highly efficient, millimetre-thick device resembling a natural leaf.

Floating on water, this artificial leaf uses sunlight to produce hydrogen and carbon monoxide.

The artificial factories provides the groundwork for green kerosene and eco-friendly diesel or petrol.

Initiative is Revolutionary

Beyond automobiles, the technology holds promise for significant sectors like shipping and aviation.

Cargo vessels, responsible for over 80% of global trade, emit substantial carbon dioxide.

Providing an alternative source of transport for vessels and ships could revolutionize how we run the world, the searchers said.

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