Florida Boy Calls 911 To Hug A Police Officer

A police officer received a call and responded to a situation in Hillsborough County.

The officer, Deputy Scott Pracht, asks the boy’s mother if everything is fine. The mother responds by calling his child, who, according to her, doesn’t even know what 911 is.

The boy says he just wanted a hug from the police officer.

The Conversation

The deputy’s body cam captured everything on the scene as the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office posted the video.

The child’s mother calls his son to talk to the deputy, assuming he has a habit of calling random people.

She tells Pracht, “He honestly doesn’t even know what 911 is,”

Pracht Advises The Child

In the end, Mr Pracht advises the child only to call when there is an emergency.

The child, in return, says sorry to Pracht, who happened to be tired from coming across the street to receive a hug.

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