Germany Apologizes For Colonial Crimes in Tanzania

Germany has asked for official forgiveness for atrocities it inflicted upon people in colonial Tanzania.

German President Steinmeier said the colonial time was a shame, and the harm it inflicted upon the African country was unbearable. 

300,000 People Killed in 2 Years

The German colonial history in the East African country has been one of shame and brutality.

According to official records, 300,000 Tanzanians were eliminated in just two years (1905-1907) during the Maji-Maji Rebellion.

The German colonizers took thousands of human skulls to Germany for racist research and trophies.

Tanzania Welcomed Germany’s Apology

President of Tanzania Samia Suluhu Hassan welcomed the apology of the German President.

Mr Steinmeier also promised to “take these stories with me to Germany, so that more people in my country will know about them.”

In 2021, the German government acknowledged the atrocities committed in Namibia, another African country.

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