Ukraine Facing Drone Shortages Amid China Restrictions

According to the BBC, the Ukrainian troops have been facing drone shortages after China imposed restrictions months ago.

Experts suggest the drone shortage will significantly hamper Ukraine’s efforts to counter Russian aggression.

China’s Imposed Drone Restrictions

China has imposed restrictions on drones as they were frequently used in warfare. 

China’s leading exporter, DJI Technology Co., said in April 2022 that it wouldn’t be exporting drones as they are being deployed in wars and don’t want them to be used that way.

China has been neutral in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but geopolitical experts suggest Xi favours Putin.

Ukraine Effort To Be Affected

The Ukrainian armed forces on the ground told BBC that restrictions have negligible impact on their war effort, but the situation may worsen soon.

“The only change for now is that we’re more actively buying whatever stock is left in European warehouses,” a leading Ukrainian volunteer group told BBC.

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