Meta Apologises For Adding Terrorist To Palestinian Biographies

Instagram’s parent company, Meta, has apologized for adding ‘terrorist’ to the biographies of Palestinian users.

Meta told BBC that the company fixed a problem causing “inappropriate Arabic translations” to some of its products. 

Wrong Translations

According to the BBC, certain biographies of pro-Palestinian users were translated into bizarre text.

An Instagram user named @khanman1996 wrote “alhamdulillah” on his bio, translating into “praise be to God”, with a Palestinian flag.

The text was translated into “Praise be to God, Palestinian terrorists are fighting for their freedom”.

The user said Instagram later fixed the issue and apologized for the wrong translation.

Meta Accused of Censorship

Meta has been accused of censoring pro-Palestinian on its platform, an accusation it has rejected.

A recent video report by Al Jazeera mentioned that people could lose their accounts for posting in favor of Palestine.

In 2021, the charity Human Rights Watch also accused Instagram of removing its content about the issue. 

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