Italy PM Separates From Husband Over TV Remarks

The Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni parted ways with her husband over his off-air remarks.

Meloni took to social media to announce her decision about partying ways from Andrea Giambruno, after 10 years.

Reason of Separation

Giorgia Meloni’s decision came a week after Giambruno was seen inappropriately engaging with his female colleagues in a video.

Giambruno found himself in trouble when the TV program Striscia La Notizia broadcasted his off-camera comments.

He was seen asking inappropriate questions from his female colleagues and flirting with them.

Giorgia Meloni (left),  Andrea Giambruno (right)

Allies Show Support

After Meloni’s announcement, her party allies sent good wishes to their leader.

Matteo Salvini, Deputy Prime Minister, said he was sending Meloni “a big hug, my friendship and support.

Go forward, head held high!”. “Giorgia, I’m sending you a hug,” said Antonio Tajani, Foreign Minister of Italy.

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