21 Endangered Species Are Gone Forever, US Wildlife Says

A total of 21 previously endangered species have gone extinct, US Wildlife officials said.

The agency said Americans lost an opportunity to preserve critical animal species that put our climate actions in question.

All the extinct species were already listed in the Endangered Species Act, and their numbers were already shrinking. 

Little Mariana fruit bat

What Are The Species?

The recently extinct species included 10 different types of birds, eight mussels, two fish species, and Guam’s flying fox.

The flying fox was last seen in 1968 in Guam, after which no official record could be found.

“It’s a wake-up call on the importance of conserving imperiled species,” U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Martha Williams said.

Scientists Warned About Extinction

Scientists have already urged the political leadership about possible extinctions of millions of animal and plant species.

The UN report in 2019 said humanity is at risk of losing over 1 million species of plants and animals.

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