Ronaldo To Be Sentenced To 99 Lashes For Kissing A Painter in Iran

Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo could face 99 lashes sentence for kissing a painter in Iran.

Local media reports suggested Christiano Ronaldo could face a sentence of 99 lashes for breaking the country’s moral code.

Ronaldo Could Face Charges

Christiano Ronaldo visited Iran in September to oversee his team Al-Nassr, face Persepolis in the Asian Champions League.

Ronaldo also met an Iranian, Fatima Hamimi, a disabled painter, who wanted to give him some of her paintings. Ronaldo kissed the painter on the cheek and gave her a signed shirt.

The Iranian lawyers now want to prosecute Ronaldo for kissing the painter.

Ronaldo Have Not Yet Responded

Following the news, the media organizations have not received a response from the football star.

The online reports should not be taken at face value, as nothing has surfaced officially.

Some legal experts suggest the punishment could be forgiven if the Iranian authorities wish to do so.

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