Scientists Discover Two Colliding Planets Deep Inside Space

Scientists observed two icy planets colliding with each other deep inside space.

The gigantic collision, which was observed for the very first time, took place 1,800 light years away from Earth.

Computer simulations of the intense heat terminating from the collision

Two Spinning Object Colldided

After the massive collision, scientists observed that the aftermath was fascinating.

They saw two spinning objects, a hundred times larger than Earth, colliding with each other. Matthew Kenworthy, the co-author of the study, said the remnants of collision will form a star-like object, about seven times greater than normal stars in the system.

The spinning objects had a temperature of more than 700C, astronomers said.

Observed For The First Time

The event has been documented for the very first time by astronomers.

Astronomers have now become interested in investigating the strange and unique behavior of those distant stars.

The astronomers concluded that two massive objects were actually “two planets nearly as large as Neptune.”

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