Pumpkin Weighing 2,749lb Breaks World Record

A massive pumpkin weighing 2,749 pounds broke the world’s record and won $30,000 as prize money.

Travis Gienger, a horticulturist at Anoka Technical College grew the massive pumpkin with extra care as he has been doing it since he was just a teen.

Micheal Jordan

Gienger grew Micheal Jordan in his backyard back in April of this year.

He said he is going to invest the money in growing yet another pumpkin to add more weight to break his own record.

Most of the competitors said they didn’t participate for the prize money and they would do it even without the money.

Gienger Spent $15,000 on Care

Travis Gienger, a colossal pumpkin, weighing 2,749 pounds (1,247 kilograms), surpassed the previous record by 47 pounds.

Gienger said he spent $15,000 to feed and care for the massive pumpkin which grew in his backyard. 

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