Ex-CEO of UFC Dana White Shows Incredible Body Transformation

The former chief executive officer of UFC Dana White finally revealed his incredible body transformation recently.

Last year, White said he was told by Brecka that he only had 10 years to live, but his recent photos say something else.

Dana White Gets Ripped

Dana White, who was removed as UFC President last month,took to instagram to share his remarkable physical makeover at the age of 54.

Over the last year, he embarked on a fitness journey due to some concerning health news he received from biologist Breck in late 2022.

He was told that he only had 10 years as his gene and blood tests didn’t come out well.

White Couldn’t Tie Shoes

White also said that he feels remarkable after the weight loss as he couldn’t tie his shoelaces when he was fat.

The Instagram post didn’t mention how much weight did White lose. By looking at the photos, it looks like he lost at least 25 kilos or more than that.

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