October 4, 2023

UK Soldier Who Committed Suicide Was Assaulted By Boss

A young female soldier, who was found dead at Larkhill Camp in Wiltshire, went through sexual assault by her boss, an army report said. The 19-year-old Royal Artillery Gunner Jaysley Beck told her mother multiple times that her boss sexually assaulted her while being on duty.

two Chinese athletes had embraced each other after a 100m hurdles race at the Asian Games

China Censors Image of Athletes Hugging Over Number

The Chinese government has censored the image of two athletes, hugging each other during the Asian games. The two Chinese female athletes named Lin Yuwei and Wu Yanni, unintentionally formed 64 when they hugged each other for celebration.

Kevin McCarthy

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy Ousted in Historic Vote

Speaker of the House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy was ousted in a historic vote by hardliners from his own party. The hardline republicans ousted the speaker by voting with the democrats as they were furious at the speaker’s support for more aid to Ukraine.