BBC Helped Rescue Six Women Trapped Inside Refrigerated Van

BBC reported that they helped rescue six women who were allegedly trapped inside a refrigerated van. The women included 6 Vietnamese and 2 Iraqis were migrants who contacted the BBC in distress. The news agency alerted the police and helped them track the van, resulting in the arrest of the suspected driver.

An image shared by the caller from inside the lorry

The Trapped Women Called The BBC

According to the BBC report, it received a call from an unknown number asking for help. The caller told her that they are six women, trapped inside a refrigerated van and the van is currently in France. The caller told her that the van was sealed with an iron rod from outside and they were freezing to death. 

The Chase

The reporter swung into action and connected his colleagues from BBC News and reporters living in France. The reporter asked the woman to share her live GPS location. The details were later shared with the French police, and they were able to arrest the driver over suspected human trafficking. 

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