EU Says Musk’s X is Biggest Outlet of Russia Disinformation

Elon Musk’s X is responsible for Russia’s disinformation campaign, the European Union said in a statement. The EU’s vice president accused the platform of helping encourage the pro-Kremlin narrative in its war against Ukraine. 

X Urged To Tackle Disinformation

The joint platform of European countries urged the Silicon valley to be vigilant of disinformation, as elections are just months away. Vice President Vera Jourova said Russia will deploy disinformation campaigns ahead of crucial elections. “This is a multi-million euro weapon of mass manipulation,” she said, referring to Russia’s ability to manipulate social platforms.

War of Ideas

Democratic elections across all of the developed world have been targeted by Russia’s disinformation in the recent past. The EU’s vice president didn’t just criticize X, she also made references to other tech giants such as Meta and Google, who have millions of users across both continents.

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