NASA’s Osiris-Rex Capsule Lands Successfully in Utah

NASA’s Osiris-Rex Capsule carrying the oldest asteroid rock samples successfully landed on earth in Utah. The rock sample was taken from the asteroid Bennu, which has seen more than 4.5 billion years of history. The samples will provide important information about the evolution of our solar system, the agency said.

Osiris-Rex Capsule Landed in Utah

The capsule landed successfully in the West Desert of Utah state. The capsule was immediately transferred to a new facility of NASA at Johnson Space Center where the rock will be studied carefully. Scientists believe that the capsule holds a cup of Bennu’s rock samples, which will be distributed among scientists for investigation.

Why is Osiris-Rex Important?

The rock samples will provide very important information about the development of our solar system, as the rocks are older than our earth. NASA is also interested in studying asteroid Bennu because the rock is expected to hit our planet in the next 300 years.

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