Crashed F-35 Jet Pilot Called 911 After Landing in Backyard

Latest reports suggest the pilot of the F-35, that went missing, called 911 before he landed in the backyard of a house. The pilot’s parachute landed in a local resident’s backyard in South Carolina. 

The saga ended successfully when the missing jet was found but the investigation is still underway.

Pilot’s Audio Call

In an audio call, which was obtained by the BBC, the pilot said he didn’t know where his jet had crashed. A local resident can also be heard explaining the situation to the emergency services. The 47-year-old pilot said he was ‘OK’ but his back has been injured, the BBC reported.

Pilot Asked For An Ambulance

After a brief introduction, the pilot was heard asking for an ambulance and his back was hurt. While the US officials have been investigating the case, some argued that the jet could have malfunctioned mid-air due to some technical issue. The fighter jet was discovered a day after it went missing.

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