US Offers Almost Half A Million Venezuelans Legal Status

The Biden administration has announced legal status for Venezuelan immigrants who crossed the southern border before 31 July.

The policy will only cover those immigrants who have been living in the US on or before 31 July. 

Temporary Protected Status Expanded

The immigrants will be able to work legally under Temporary Protected Status for 18 months. The government was pressured by the state and local democrats to expand the facility which was only allowed for 243,000 Venezuelans.

The New York Mayor Eric Adams has constantly called for employment opportunities for Venezuelans as the city has been struggling to shelter thousands of Venezuela immigrants. 

Illegal Migration Crisis

The number of illegal migrants has swollen up in the recent months on the US-Mexico border. A slight drop was seen after the Biden administration introduced stricter asylum rules in May.

The Republican-led states have also been sending illegal migrants to democratic-led states to provoke President Biden to act on border security.

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