September 20, 2023

US Regulator Asked Fortnite To Refund $245m To Parents

Fortnite was ordered to repay $245m to parents whose children spent money without their consent. The US Federal Trade Commission ordered the Fortnite developer Epic Games to refund as the users were manipulated to make unintended purchases.

Indonesia Jails TikToker For Two Years Over Pork Video

The Indonesian government has jailed a TikToker for reciting Islamic phrases before eating pork. The pork video sparked online outrage from the public and the law was quick to get into action. The TikToker Lina Lutfiawati was also fined $16,245 along with two years in jail.

Israeli Ambassador To UN Detained For Protesting Against Iran

The Israeli ambassador to the United Nations was detained by the security for breaching the protocol. When the Iranian President Raisi started his speech at the general assembly, the Israeli ambassador Gilad Erdan protested by holding a photo of Mahsa Amini.