Greenland Cruise Ship Stuck in Mud Pulled Out After 3 Days

A luxury cruise ship stuck in the mud for 3 days has finally been pulled out in Greenland. The ship named Ocean Explorer got stuck at the Arctic Circle in Alpefjord with 210 passengers onboard, but the rescuers managed to free it after several days.

Ship Freed After 3 Attempts

The Danish military’s Joint Arctic Command was able to pull out the ship with the help of a fishing vessel after 3 unsuccessful attempts.

An inspection team is expected to arrive on Friday to report on the health of the cruise ship. The passengers didn’t panic at all and were able to enjoy nature around the cruise ship, as per testimonies of those onboard. 

No Injuries Reported

The cruise ship officials said everyone on the ship was safe and they will be flown back home once everything settles down.

Three passengers came out as covid positive but there were doctors onboard, tour operator Aurora Expeditions said.

SunStone, ship’s owner, said the ship’s bottom will be investigated before the passengers are flown back home.

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