Cookiecutter Sharks Sank Yacht And Sparked Dramatic Rescue

Rescue teams were able to save three sailors off the Australian coast when their yacht came under attack from little sharks. The sharks commonly known as cookiecutters made round holes in the rare left balloon of the inflatable catamaran the sailors were riding on. 

Cookiecutter sharks

Yacht Had Enough Holes

After the rescue operation, an Instagram post by the sailors wrote that the yacht already had enough holes leaving the boat partially submerged. Three initial engagements with the little sharks happened on Monday when the sharks attacked the rare left balloon of the yacht. On Tuesday, the sharks attacked the rare right ballon, leaving them with no option but to call for help. 

Sailors Called For Help

Soon after realizing that the yacht was about to sink, the sailors called upon a nearby vessel for help. The group of sailors were saved by the rescue team that dispatched the Dugong Ace cargo ship. The inflatable catamaran was left abandoned in the ocean after a successful rescue operation.

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