Schools Closed As Manhunt For Pennsylvania Killer Expands

Classes have been canceled in two school districts in Pennsylvania after a convicted killer chase entered 6th day. The Police have been searching for him for six days, but the search has not yet reached any outcome. The murderer Danelo Cavalcante escaped prison on 31st of August where he was jailed for killing his ex-girlfriend.

Fugitive Was Seen Several Times

The schools were closed when the fugitive was seen several times in the mountains near the Chester County Prison, from where he escaped. The local authorities said the suspect could pose a threat to the public but fortunately he has only been able to move at night.

Ex-Girlfriend Stabbed 38 Times

The murder suspect fled the Prison on Thursday, 31 August, several days after he was convicted of the murder. As per the investigation, Danelo stabbed his ex-girlfriend over a minor dispute in April 2021, The fugitive stabbed his ex-girlfriend around 38 times in front of her children. 

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