India To Put Chandrayaan-3 To Sleep After Successful Mission

The Indian space agency has put the Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft to sleep after completing the mission successfully. After working for several days on the surface of the moon, the Chandrayaan-3 rover was able to collect enough data which will be sent back to earth.

Data Sent Back To Earth

ISRO, the Indian Space Agency, said in a statement that it has turned off the rover’s payloads while the data is being transferred back to earth. The Chandrayaan-3 rover Pragyaan successfully completed its assignment & “is now safely parked and set into sleep mode”, the statement said.

No Word On Frozen Water

The space agency didn’t comment on whether they found what they were looking for, signs of frozen water. Earlier this week, ISRO confirmed discovering sulphur and some other elements, which could hint to the presence of water.

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